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Just started up ....hows it look
I like it, maybe too many admins to start with. But I will be joining today and may end up partnering with you Wink
The logo looks better than 99% of the one's I see atleast... and the colors scheme is readable.. Looking good as far as I'm concerned.. Smile
The side bar doesn't work well with the number of forums you have on your site because it has left a huge white space between the who's online, and the last forum. Otherwise, good job Smile
I see that but once we add more forums its fills that gap......thanks for the input guys
It looks great now Wink

Its a great board, but I suggest a spicefuse shoutbox instead of the one you have now. It's a lot smoother
What happened to it? It has disappeared
Wow..This site disappeared fast.. lmfao
It hasn't gone anywhere yet, just moved to a paid host and closed it til i get things the way i want will be back up soon
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