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Full Version: The Reset Button
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Like Video Games? Like Talking about them and other things? Then Join us at The Reset Buton "Where it all begins again." We have a great little community forming and are looking for more active members to join our community, . We discuss all things video game related. We also discuss movies, music, sports or pretty much anything else. We also have an Arcade and other cool stuff aswell. If you are interested, feel free to drop by and check us out at

Good job on your forum Smile
I like the MKportal theme, and the customized theme your using on your forum. Toungue And you have a TLD, very nice! Once I get more $$$ I plan to get a .net too! Toungue
thanks, for the compliments you two, i really appreciate it. Smile

btw best of luck with yours, Beatrix Kiddo
The best of luck with your site - it looks great Smile
Thanks Tom. Smile
[/align]I like the name, never would of though of that, nice job.

Nice job on the forum too
Looks niceSmile Very good job!
Nice theme, kudo's to RenegadeFan for that. Smile
Thanks you guys for all the kind remarks.

RenegadeFan did a fantastic job creating that theme, but we've done quite bit of tweaking to get it to look exactly as we currently have it.