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Full Version: MyBB Integrator / MyBB SDK (Version 1.3)
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Nice work! I'll definitely need to update my web site to use 1.2.1
thanks a lot i will upgrade asp
Can someone put in idiots terms what this does? i don't clearly get this.

rom what i gather this makes our site intergrate with our forum? in what ways?
(2009-03-26, 10:41 PM)T0m Wrote: [ -> ]can i ask what this is?

(2009-03-26, 11:12 PM)Tom Loveric Wrote: [ -> ]It's a class that has functions that allow you to use MyBB functions on a custom site.
So i could say put polls etc on my site?
Kind of.
Fetching the latest polls from your MyBB forum is planned for the next release.

You can use this class (AS A WEBDEVELOPER) to access functionalities given by your MyBB forum.
For instance, you have a website and the forum is part of it. If you have special content on your website and you require another login for your actual website, you would want to have the option to use the login of the MyBB forum - so your users would not have to register on your actual site again.
This is just one example of many.
The bad thing is that your forum cookies path must cover your website's folder Toungue
I'm try to integrate the class as a model on CodeIgniter, having a few problems but would like to thank you for the class is going to be very useful if I can get it to work haha.

Errors I'm coming in to at the moment are:

Fatal error: Call to a member function simple_select() on a non-object in /home/benalec/public_html/forum/inc/class_datacache.php on line 79

Its something to do with calling the files and $db not being available, I'm a bit confused myself at the moment.
Does the error appear when you call a function or just when you try to integrate it?
Codeigniter has a db-object, but it should be within the visibility of the CodeIgniter-Object, so there should be no problem with $db (spontaneously said)...
I would probably need further information on how you are trying to use it as a model.
Maybe you should try to use it as a library, but I guess it ends up being the same
Well the error only occurs when I require_once 'global.php'; so i guess ill have find an alternative way of doing it?
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