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Full Version: how to install
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right now am using phpbb but i like to start to use MyBB but i need help if i delete my phpbb than i will lose all my work am i right?

how can i install MyBB on My server with out loosing all my members and post please help me

advance thanks
am sorry but i really dont undertand am new for all this thing can u help me
Try and read the documentation it comes with first and the Wiki page here: [Wiki: Running_the_Merge_System] (Broken link, head over to instead)
how long will this take me to do to get mybb running
If you do it right, not long at all... I'll also merge this to the merge system support forum as this should be there.
sorry but i can i use this forum for warez?
Not sure how that's related but there's nothing we can do to stop that, your host will probably shut you down though.
sorry can i use MyBB for warez & rapidshare links?
That's entirely up to you. What you host is your own responsibility.
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