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Full Version: Help Needed in Changing Arrow Colour
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I was wondering if anyone could change the color of the grey arrow in the following image to #B80000 for me. I am horrible at graphics, and failed when I tried.


Thanks in advance for your help!

BTW, it is from chiefsab's "GRAYceful" theme.
I hope that fits your needs Wink

Excellent, thank you very much! Rep given.

BTW, what program did you use to change the colour? I have been trying out how to do it myself for while.
photoshop probably
Tachu Wrote:photoshop probably
Thanks for that! Where would you go in Photoshop to change the color of one object? I had been looking a few minutes ago in Photoshop and found nothing.
Yeah, I used Photoshop. I just created a new layer with the red arrow...But I think you can also try Image -> Adjustments -> Replace Color
exactly. you can also get the polygonal lasso tool and carefully go around the triangle so its exactly alike, then Edit > Fill > Color
Ahh...I never noticed those options. Thanks to you both!