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Full Version: Waves Theme Mybb v1.4.x Not Work
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this theme not work
not index theme

Please reupload for me work Version
URL.....?? And how exactly 'doesn't it work'?? We're not psychic. How would anyone know what was wrong or what to fix??
I Agree With MattR

Any Screenshots atleast ?
into Waves.xml from this pack index theme missing

i download from
What do you mean by 'index theme missing'?? I have no idea what that means. As I said before, a screenshot would really help.
home page not work becouse index theme missing in xml pack other site from this style work only index not work Sad blank page Sad
Ok, obviously I'm not going to get a screenshot here so I'm just going to have to guess. Make sure ./cache/ and ./cache/themes/ are CHMOD to 777, all folders inside are 777, and all files inside are 644.
Ok this theme is working perfectly for me

Cant you even give forum URL - So it will help MattR , As hes the best at this !