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Full Version: Uploading templates?
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I have a couple templates I wanted to upload, but have no idea how to. Yes I looked at support and mybbwiki, but it says you need admin cp Themes and Stlyes, which I don't have. It's just themes, and then templates. If anyone would like to show me a step by step that would be great. Or if you don't that's fine too.
Templates & Style is the main tab along the top, and after clicking that, you get the Themes and Templates options. First you have to upload any images for the theme to a new folder in ./images/ and then import the .xml in the ACP. Should be in the readme for the theme...
It's not there. Or is it because it's createmybb?
Hmm, would have been useful to have known that before. If you're on CreateMyBB you're not even on MyBB 1.4, you're using older software, and you can't upload anything as there's no FTP access.
I thought that was the same. How do you create a forum 1.4?
Nope, it's quite different. You'll have to find hosting that gives you FTP/file manager access.
In that case, I'm not going through the trouble. Thanks for your help. ^_^
You can alternatively try, great hosted-forums service to start from. Then you can try their hosting plan (which has FTP acess).
Does it cost anything?
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