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Full Version: New Thread Buttons Problem!!!
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Hi All,

Am using MyBB 1.00 RC 4, and in 1 of my catagories it has a lot of posts and its now 2 pages, the top button image of New Thread is ok and its in the right place BUT, the down image of New Thread is not in the right place at all, and I tried to find out the problem from the style but, all what I got is the top image, and I don't know where I can get the down image tamplate located in my style

can anyone know where I can find the down image of New Thread so I can see whats the problem init ??

waiting a reply

Thanks a lot
i dont know wahats wrong, but what i can tell you is to upgrade to PR2 Big Grin

way better.
Thanks a lot, I solved the problem, ans its working fine now