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Full Version: Width Problem
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I Have This Problem In Width I Want help Angel
[Image: 9utczs.png]
y there is no answer ?????????
learn to wait,
(2009-02-08, 05:58 PM)zarie Wrote: [ -> ]Y IT IS MOVED ???

Maybe because you put it in the wrong forum??

Your Google ads are just stretching the page. Either make the theme wider or make the ads thinner.
if not ads
i think you increased the container size
and left the background size as default
this has caused it most probably

and learn to wait
we answer each thing properly
we too have lives and need to sleep,eat etc
I agree. The google ads are making the page too wide.

You can adjust the size of the main container by going to:

Admin CP-> Templates & Style-> (Your theme here) -> global.css

In the dropdown menu click on '#container' and in the width box either enter '#px' replacing '#' with the amount of pixels, or setting it as a percentage (#%, for example: 75%).

This should expand your main container.