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Full Version: A question from a new member.
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Hello all, I am new here and would like to know, a lot of people told me that this forum script was awesome. Do you guys (the developers) plan to make it payware like vBulletin and Invision Power Board?

(I think it is a bad idea) Toungue
Chris Boulton said several times that MyBB will stay free. Wink
Great. That is awesome news.
yup. i think MyBB is the best free forum software (in my opinion)
Best free forum software that is. Wink
oops. forgot the word "forum".

Sorry for bumping, but..
I am still paranoid.
I have read everywhere what a great software this is.

Chris, I won't beleive anyone who says that it will stay free unless you reply here promising that it will stay free forever, and even if it doesn't, I get a free copy of every new release anyway.
Marc, there is no need for saying that. However, I will try to contact Chris if he misses this thread and ask him to reply. In the meantime, take my assurance: MyBB will stay free.
Not only is it the best FREE forum script. It has the potential to be the BEST forum script period.

The only way i'd charge people for this script would be if they used it themself for profit.
That's just it.
When It is the best, it will even be better than vBulletin, and hence NOT free.
That's my biggest Fear ATM.
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