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Full Version: Classic Author name in column.
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is there any option to change where author name goes in your forum display?
I want the author name to be in extra column like in older mybb versions.

will there going to be plugin to change author name from under thread topic to extra column?

I guess a picture would explain better.
I'm not sure what you mean. Please explain more, and maybe give an example?
Do you mean the classic postbit....??
No, but
I will explain better with screenshot here of my old test board.
he means that instead of the autor name under the post name he wants the name in a separate column
i have no idead bout this though but even i wanted to know
I have just answered this question for kan3:

Go to: Admin CP-> Templates and Style-> Templates.
Select your forum template (Default by the looks of your screenshots).
Expand 'Forum Display Templates' by clicking on it.

Go into 'forumdisplay_thread' by clicking on it to get the edit box.

Where it says:
Replace it with:
<td align="center" class="{$bgcolor}">{$thread['profilelink']}</td>

Then, click 'Save and Return to Listing' and then click on 'forumdisplay_threadlist'.

And replace it with:
<td class="tcat" align="center" width="10%"><span class="smalltext"><strong>Thread Starter</strong></span></td>

Click any of the save buttons, then exit out of that and go to your forum.

You're DONE!

This is a screenshot of the finished result:

[Image: author-mod.png]