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This is my first forum:
It is a community for gambling enthusiasts, who enjoy gambling (and don't have problems with it)
Just started it few days ago.
Any feedback is welcome.
And of course, feel free to join ( it's free Wink )
I like the designSmile Not a big fan of gambling thoughToungue
(02-09-2009, 01:59 PM)TomL Wrote: [ -> ]I like the designSmile Not a big fan of gambling thoughToungue

Thanks. Not a fan, why?, everybody likes to gamble
You lost a house in a Casino? Big Grin
Nice design, i will sign up Smile.
(02-09-2009, 01:55 PM)KillJoy Wrote: [ -> ]...who enjoy gambling (and don't have problems with it)

Never any problem, as long as you are winning. Angel

ps. Gambling can be fun, especially if you aim for comps without losing too much.
Enjoy the forum.
I think the dice images are a bit cheap looking, and the colors aren't very ... "gambly"?
I think that off yellow needs to go. You would be better off with a white or off-white like #efefef. The rest is okay but not amazing. The dice could certainly look better.
I honestly like the dice Big Grin
Thanks for the feedback!
Cheap Smile , I don't want to look cheap, it kind of feels whorish. Smile
So this are my other suggestions for the logo, which one do you think is best?
EDIT: For now, I replaced the original gold with another gold, but would still like to hear from you which logo you like best
[Image:] 1. White with silver dots
[Image:] 2. White with golden dots
[Image:] 3. White blue-ish with silver dots
[Image:] 4. Silver
[Image:] 5. Gold silver
[Image:] 6. Bright yellow
[Image:] 7. Blue Silver with silver dots
[Image:] 8. Blue Silver with golden dots
[Image:] 9. Golden with silver dots
I like your theme, its easy on the eyes and goes well with the content of your forum
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