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Full Version: Is this possible?
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Is it possible to do these modifications.

1. Remove and replace the thread ratings column (I know there is a tutorial to remove but I want to replace).

[Image: 49775687wf3.png]

2. Remove this "by XYZ users".

[Image: 23592383es8.png]

3. Replace the ratings column by thread starters like shown in the image below.

[Image: 38293768ls8.png]

Please try and post in the right forum in future Smile
Sure no problem. My bad, I posted in that forum Smile
I'm working on it. Gimme about 30 mins
Right okay.

Go to: Admin CP-> Templates and Style-> Templates.
Select your forum template (Default by the looks of your screenshots).
Expand 'Forum Display Templates' by clicking on it.

Go into 'forumdisplay_thread' by clicking on it to get the edit box.

Where it says:
Replace it with:
<td align="center" class="{$bgcolor}">{$thread['profilelink']}</td>

Then, click 'Save and Return to Listing' and then click on 'forumdisplay_threadlist'.

And replace it with:
<td class="tcat" align="center" width="10%"><span class="smalltext"><strong>Thread Starter</strong></span></td>

Click any of the save buttons, then exit out of that and go to your forum.

You're DONE!

This is a screenshot of the finished result:

[Image: author-mod.png]