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Full Version: how to place adsence ..
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Help me posting adsence.. i want on top right side of logo , then at footer and on posting page.

please tell me the steps to do that.
Copied from your other thread:

(2009-02-11, 08:26 PM)vaibhavmeswani Wrote: [ -> ]ok i am trying but there seems to be some server problem , it is coming request time out , be there i will mesg u again after some time .
i cheked with what u gave and nothing is coming ... under header option only header stuff is missing

If u dont mind i can give u user id and pass , u can make chages for me...

Waiting for reply.
hello in the option where we need to select global or default , i selected default so it was not coming and i changed to golbal then it came all perfect.

Thanks for the code... can u tell me about how to place google ads now.. i want in top below header and at bottom and in posts


Here's some instructions for you.

Go to: Admin CP-> Templates & Style-> Templates-> (Your template here).

For below menubar:
Go to: 'Header Templates-> header'.

and before;
Put your google adsense code and click save.

For at the bottom before the contact bar:
Go to: 'Footer Templates-> footer'.

<br />
and before;
<div class="bottommenu">
Put your google adsense code and click save.

And finally, for the post:

Go to: 'Postbit Templates-> postbit'.

Find (near bottom):
<div class="post_meta" id="post_meta_{$post['pid']}">

And add:
<hr />
Press enter then put your google adsense code.
Click save.

Hope I helped,

i added code for bottom ad but i am getting confused about postbit. tell me after what code i need to add and before what code.
It's easier to explain in an image. The highlighted part is the stuff you need to add in postbit.

So you need to add '<hr />' (without quotes) and then add your adsense code afterwards.

PS: Image is in attachment.
ok i have done now lets c it comes or not.