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Full Version: what is SpiceFuse Revenue Sharing
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i see a new option in configuration option , what is this and what is mean by sharing ..
That's a plugin (for sharing Adsense revenue / ad veiws) which worked well for MyBB 1.2x.
Has it been updated?

If you see config options, then you must have installed the plugin.
... You don't need to drag up 2 week old threads... This is what he was attempting to do while he was setting up his ads which I helped him with...
Yeah really. There's no need to revive it, since he didn't post again asking for more help on this.
(2009-02-18, 11:36 PM)seeker Wrote: [ -> ]...Has it been updated?...

I was hoping it had finally been updated, but I just checked and it has not.
Two weeks old? Try one week. This isn't an old thread, and he was just trying to help.