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Full Version: Spicefuse Shoutbox With Badwords Filter!
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Hello guys! Finally after so long I could make Spicefuse badwords sensitive to Shoutbox! As you know in spicefuse users can Spamming their site and say bad words, but thanks to this plug-edited by me, the badwords that seven will be influential on the spicefuse shoutbox!

1. copy the file spicefuse_shoutbox.php inside the folder inc / plugins
2. then go in template / index and type below the header: <sf_shoutbox>
3. Activate plugin

Let me know of any bugs Wink

Sorry for my bad english but i'm italian and i use google translate! Byez! Wink
Is your modification using bad word filter build-in Mybb?
Do you have permission from the plugin author to redistribute it?
ehm, i dont have permission... sorry, if isnt possible post my edit, remove it!
that's not good.
Until you get permission to re-release it, the attachment will not be downloadable.