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Full Version: Registration problem
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When user browse with internet explorar, they faced registration problem. but when brower with mozilla or chorme they have no problem. Now how can i solved internet explorer problem?
Well can you tell us what the problem actually is??
If I use Internet explorar for registering in my forum here show a msg "The passwords you enter must match" But, If I use Mozilla or chrome for registering, I can success it. See image its example for internet explorer.

[Image: image00045kn0.jpg]
It's either a theme issue, or a IE issue. You're using IE6 which is very old, and very buggy. It doesn't like having 2 password boxes there, and one in the login form.
Does Have any way for solve it?
Can you check if it happens in the default theme??
I use deafult theme. I just modifie it
Well then it isn't default then is it, you've changed it. Go to ACP > Templates & Style > Create New Theme and test it as that theme as then it will be totally default.
New theme is also doing problem.
(2009-02-15, 06:45 PM)YoungTalk Wrote: [ -> ]New theme is also doing problem.
As Matt said, it's probably an IE6 problem.