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Full Version: Help me!
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please can somebody help me.
i dont have import in my forum and i cant install a theme from mybboard. in themes are only
Modify / Delete

i dont know where is import.
If you're on 1.4, ACP > Templates & Style > Import a Theme.
sounds like he has 1.2 cuz he said modify/delete.
True, in which case, if you haven't got the Import option, I'll bet you're on CreateMyBB and don't have access to do it.
hey this is
if somebody can came ad to see it please
sth is wrong there
Yes, you're using CreateMyBB, as I said, so you can't import themes.
why? is any way that i can do?
(2009-02-16, 08:52 PM)Denis Wrote: [ -> ]why? is any way that i can do?
They limit you since letting you upload files would put their server at risk.
No, because the way that hosting service is run just means you can't. Maybe try and find proper hosting that's free, you can use 1.4 then, you're currently using old software.
can u help me using that? hey bro do u have msn?
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