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Full Version: Installing Images for theme
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Question. I want to install another theme but don't know where to install the images for the new theme with overwriting the images for the default theme. Where exactly should I install it? I want users to be able to choose between both themes.

You create a new folder in ./images/. Did the theme come with a readme?? If it did, I suggest you read it, should be explained in there.
Yea it did, but this is what it told me to do so I was confused.

"4. Upload the "images" folder to your forum home dictionary"

He might have meant 'forum home directory' Don't know.

thanks for the help again
What's the theme called?? The name of the folder is usually based on that.
I would called the folder 'mybulletin'. Or, if you open the .xml file in a text editor, there should be at least one URL that includes what the folder will need to be called.
Yea, thats what did. I jus tput it in the root dir. Thank you for the fast support!