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Full Version: [Release] Habbo Theme 1.4x
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Habbo Light Theme

File Details:

Description: Light Habbo Theme.
Colour Scheme: Light Grey - Light And Dark Grey.
Screenshots : Home

Latest Version:

Version: Final
Built for MyBB 1.4.x
Price £0.00

Other Information:

When Making A Logo - Background Must Remain White To Go With The Theme !
P.S - This is my first theme
Thats not a Habbo theme! Habbo themes are rounded use colours such as yellow and blue and look better than that!

Refer to some existing Habbo fansites..
I Did

Lol - Try Not To Use !
This theme is a bit like a Habbo theme made by a vb artist called "Ice Blue" AKA A Habbo theme

Take note - This is my first theme Smile - thats a habbo theme Big Grin

How about that Habbo theme I made.
Good work waheed keep it up