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Full Version: St Paddy's Day theme
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A nice St Paddy's Day theme for you to enjoy.

Included are instructions on how to upload my theme. Please read the instructions carefully.

This theme is free to use for your website.
You are not allowed to distribute as your own, any part of this theme or its graphic content without express written permission from Skin City Designs.

You are not allowed to sell, alter or give away this theme as your own.
This theme contains artwork that is exclusively mine.

You are not allowed to chop this theme up and use the artwork without my express written permission.

You must keep the link-back to my site in the credits. It’s a small favor for a free theme.

Make sure you back up your forums before doing ANY modifications to the theme’s code.
Please feel free to come to the site for help, that’s what I’m there for!

If you like my themes feel free to come join my site for more stuff.
Don't be afraid to tell others!

My site offers more than just themes and icons.

*note: you MUST post your own intro and reply to it for the free items. It's a small price to ask for a free theme.

Click for full size view:

Download your St Paddys' Day Theme here:
This looks like something from the 90's. Way too cheesy in my opinion.

The gradients are awful.
The colors match too well imho..