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Full Version: Subforum question
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You know how the general forum structure is like this:

Forum Section Title

Sub Forums: Subforum1 Subforum2 Subforum3

I was wondering if it can be made to look like vBulletin where the Subforums are actually listed like general forum sections right below the forum section heading?

It looks like this:

Forum Section Title1

Sub Forum1

Sub Forum2

Sub Forum3

Forum Section Title2
Can you give a link to what your askind?
You mean sub-forums in columns?
I mean instead of making subforums appear as links, make them appear as a normal forum section.


On my forum above, the subforums appear as links inside the main forum sections.

As you can see on this forum, the subforums appear in rows underneath the main forum section. They don't appear as links like in MyBB.

To summarize it all, MyBB makes it so that all subforums are compacted as links inside the main forum section row. In other forums, the subforums are expanded into normal rows that appear below the main forum section row.
Sure you can, but it all depends on the layout/ template the forum is using and if it has that functionality.
I'm using the Orange theme.
I think it may be possible, but you need to do some template edits
Any ideas on where I would make the edits?
AdminCP > Templates & Styles > Templates > {theme} > Forum Bit Templates

You can try there, not sure if that's exactly what you want though
See the mybb css guide in tutorials section. Check for the value and remove the spacings between 2 categories. Ill give you the rest later when i come from my pc
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