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Full Version: Merge phpbb 3.0.2 to existing mybb?
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Can i merge a phpbb 3.0.2 forum to my existing mybb 1.4.4 forum without losing the post/attachments etc of any of the forum?

Please help me guys.

I take it you didn't look at the merge system page then Undecided
I did looked it but i thought that it will work on a new install of mybb only.

I dont want to lose any of the database in the process.
Well that's the point of the merge system, converts data, otherwise it'd be a bit pointless. I'm quite sure it doesn't need to be a fresh install. Why not try a test run on a localhost first??
No it doesn't need to be a fresh install. It can merge two forums into one at a time, hence the use the "Merge"