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Full Version: [release] BlooBB
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About The Theme
After some studying of the MyBB CSS styling, I finally decided to start designing.
I tried a few things here and there, and finally ended up with a satisfying result.
BlooBB is extremely customized and has a lot of extra components not found normally in the MyBB Default design.

Username: Demo User
Password: demouser


1. MyBB 1.4.x+
2. Group Images (or ColoRanks)
3. Every User Has Avatar (Default Profile Plugin recommended)
4. FTP Access of Some Sort
5. Admin CP Access

1. Upload everything in /upload/ to your MyBB Directory.
2. Go to Templates & Style > Import a Theme.
3. Check "Local File" and browse for the "bloobb.xml" file located in this folder.
4. Name it whatever you want and MAKE SURE you check the "Ignore Version Compatibility.

Additional Installation
1. Default Profile Plugin
-Follow readme include and set a default avatar.
2. ColoRanks (blue)
-Upload the Blue ColoRanks and set up your group images via Admin CP.
(You need to have a group image for the layout to work)

You may use this theme on any MyBB forum, as long as my copyright and the MyBB copyright are intact.
You may also make any modifications you want, as long as both copyrights are intact.
If the copyright is not intact, I will personally contact your host and tell them to suspend your account.
You MAY NOT claim the theme as yours and/or redistribute it in any form, at all.
If you feel anything would go against the license, please contact me at [email protected]

Copyright 2009 Discuss Admin
Umm, I hope you didn't use the sidebar plugin for this as well Labrocca will either have problems with it or users without the plugin will.

I would also keep some sort of navigation at the top as the side bar doesn't appear on every page. Confused
Ah, ok.
And no, I custom coded that sidebar, no lawsuits for me Big Grin
EDIT: I added the sidebox to the forumdisplay too.
lol I've seen those patterns before Toungue anyways, you used them on a cool way Smile Also the kind of side-nav looks cool and original.
Yeah, I used Afresh's color scheme.
Hope that isn't violating anything...
(2009-03-28, 02:49 AM)Infranight Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks.
Yeah, I used Afresh's color scheme.
Hope that isn't violating anything...
Nope, it's not - as long as you haven't copied any of the images.
I haven't used any of the image, but I did alter the thead_bg for my usage...does that count?
Nice theme...
Problem Confused

[Image: 8686692250_b.jpg]

I'm on Vista, FireFox 3, and my resolution is 1280 x 800.
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