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Hi I was wondering if there was any way to get my fourm like I have made it in the below sketch.

I'm looking to add google ads to the sides ans bottoms

Is this possible?
How good are you with HTML?? Just so I know whether to give you the code changes or if you'll be able to work them out. It requires edits to the index template and footer template.
I am great at HTML

Can You Tell Me Where To Add the codes?
Well, in the index template, you'll see {$forums}. You need to make a table, with 3 columns. The left and right column need to be about 20% in width, with the middle one being 60%. Then in the left and right column you put the code for the ads, and in the middle one, you put {$forums}

As for the footer, you should be able to just put the code for the ads into the top of the footer template.
it worked sort of

Have A Look Mate Tell Me If I have messed anything up
Add valign="top" to the two columns with the ads... they're also not long enough to reach all the way down, you may need the add code twice in each column to make it go down far enough.
(2009-03-29, 05:20 PM)MattRogowski Wrote: [ -> ]Add valign="top" to the two columns with the ads...

That Doesn't work mate nothing happened when I added that code
It's not showing up in the source, paste here what you added, it should work fine because I've done it before.
Never Mind Mate It looks terrible with the ads at the side.

I added the ad to the bottom.

I added some Mod to get ads in posts but it doesn't work proper

Any other suggestion where to add some ads?