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Full Version: Remove Thread Rating Style Problem
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Hi all,

When I applied the tutorial found here, , and then rebuilt the cache, it seemed that the .thread and the .foot, and their contents, was moved over so that they do not extend over the checkboxes on the side. However, if I do not apply this modifictation, everything is fine. I have posted a picture of this below - notice how the area above and below the checkbox column is solid blue, and the Go button and text above is moved over? How do I bring this back to normal?

[Image: threadproblem.gif]

You can't be doing it right, it's using a standard MyBB setting, just changing it for all forums at once via SQL, I just tested it on my test forum, works fine.
Its working now! However, the reason why its working is due to an modification in-compatibility. I was using the tutorial found here, , and that changed the templates so that the thread rating would become the column for the authors. Then, when I took away the rating capability through the other change, the rating column was gone, yet this column with authors was still there, and so the top and bottom parts did not extend over this pushed out column (I think - but there are the same amount of columns though?). You can also see this in the picture in the first post - there is no thread rating column - there is just a author column.

My question now is how do I get that extra top and bottom bits to extend over this extra column? I mean, it worked perfectly before the thread rating column was taken away, so why is not working now? If I need to add another column, how do I do so (Although I dont think I need to add another column - perhaps I need to edit different template style?)

Thanks for your help!

EDIT: I figured out the problem - it was a simple one - because on column was added, I needed to extened the {$colspan} by one. See this thread,, if anyone (Or if I need to refrence this in the future) needs help on editing the {$colspan}