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Full Version: tborder
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Working on new black theme. When I goto tborder and change background to #0000ff it changes everything to #0000ff. I need to chage the inside only and the border around the table to something else. Even border is set to something else.

Like the attachment.

In other words tborder only. tborder stretches all the way to the forum borders. I wish I could modify it some how. Looks ugly when border and tables get changes alltogether.
Change the colour of the outer border using the Extra CSS & and the inner border using Background.

[Image: 23.png]
No that doesn't help cuz the extra css only takes out the 2nd outer border. A first outer border still is there with the background.
Do you mean this? If so, change the background in the body
[Image: 24.png]
No the red area. extra css adds a second border around the red area. The red area is apart of the table background.