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Full Version: Willing to Pay for "Show New Replies to My Posts"
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I'm willing to pay for someone to develop this plugin.

As long as it is given freely to the community after creation. Not being able to have a quick link for 'show replies to my posts' in the top of the forum next to 'view new posts' and 'view today's posts' REALLY sucks.

If there is someone out there willing to create a plugin for this and release it to the community, let me know...upon completion, I've got some cash for you.
Do you want to show replies to your threads or actually when someone hits the reply on every single post? Because if it's for every post that's a total waste of database space and processing power.

If you want for threads then people can just subscribe if they want to know about replies.
I just want people to stop complaining to me that if they don't want instant email notification (that is, no subscription), they can't find out if anyone replied to themselves easily.

Most of them are used to a SMF/phpBB type experience where they come to the forum, see a link at the top that says "view replies to my posts since my last visit" and they click it and they are ready to roll...and if it is a waste of database space and processing power...then most modern forums suck...because they do it.

I'm willing to pay for a plugin to display something like this on the forum.
Yeah...that kinda isn't what I am requesting xiofire...but thanks.
Oh. Sorry!
(2009-04-03, 01:16 AM)devnet Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah...that kinda isn't what I am requesting xiofire...but thanks.

Why not, though? Thread subscriptions works perfectly fine for this purpose.
Bey Brad,

So, you agree with me completely here: where I go into detail on why "Show New Replies to your Posts" is needed....

Then you say that subscriptions work perfectly fine in this thread...

If you read the link I posted above, I give the reasons why the subscriptions page doesn't work for this. I'd rather have an output similar to "view new posts" and have it in the navigation bar instead of having a user go to a control panel for user settings to find their new posts...that seems backwards to me.
I agreed with your reasoning for considering new feature requests, not necessarily the feature itself (which I'm mostly apathetic towards). I do see where you're coming from though. Until you can get this feature made, perhaps adding a link to subscribed threads on the top menu would suffice.
To be's a huge selling point for my users. If I don't get something like this, I'll have to switch to a forum that will give it.

I really like MyBB and all of the other features it has...and I've been a strong supporter for it for many years now...but getting a PM every 10 minutes asking me where the "show replies to my posts" button's just killing me.

Multiply that by a few thousand users and you can understand why I'm having trouble.
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