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Full Version: Anything Goes!!
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Name of Site: Anything Goes!!
Description: A General Chatter Forum with a major Game Section. You can talk about anything within the categories there. If there is something missing, just request it Smile
To be honest I don't like the theme Blush. Too red-dark. The banner is can also be re-done. And there are a lot of general forums. Why should I join your forum? You have already some active members I see Big Grin.

Good luck!
There are plenty more themes you can chose between in the user cp.
The top links graphics dont match the theme and it makes them look cheap Sad

Other than that, the theme is nice Smile
Not sure what to say. The theme is dull, at the same time as being too dark.
The theme is awful on the eyes. I closed the forum when I saw the combination of colours.
Lol! hacked!!
(04-12-2009, 02:14 AM)JKD Wrote: [ -> ]Lol! hacked!!
?? The forum just isn't there..
I know!
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