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Official ColoRanks support site is now online!
It comes with a Image Generator and a Demo to see the rank images.
Testing it nowSmile
Let me know what you think of it.
I like itSmile Some of the text goes towards the bottom of the images though; not sure if it's just the size or what. But good jobBig Grin
Thanks, yeah, I know the bug.
It's if there are lowercase letters, right?
Like I can do "Admin" fine, but if I do "Developer" it moves to the bottom.
Yeah, because of the p.
Anything containing p, y, g, j will look misaligned.
Sorry, it's because it extends beyond the bottom line.
Ah, it's fine. I could always just have you make it for meToungue lol
Lol, ok.
I'm pretty sure...
Yeah, I think Developer is already in a set.
Meanwhile, I'll try and resolve this problem.
Don't apologize, bro - you've done an excellent jobSmile
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