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Full Version: MyBB Website: Emergency Hardware Change
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The MyBB website will be down shortly for an unspecified period of time to replace a failing hard drive in the server.

The hard drive failure affects our backup systems, so no primary data has been lost.
So it will be down again? Or the downtime we experienced was for that?
It will be down again for the actual drive replacement.

The downtime earlier was because of the actual failure.
The drive on the server has now been replaced.
Glad it's resolvedSmile So there should be no more downtime, correct?
Thanks for the update. I didn't notice a thing due to sleeping. Smile
I hardly noticed any downtime Smile
I'm assuming something failed again today as there was more down time.Confused About the same time, same behavior as well.
I knew something was wrong, when i couldn't get on here.
(2009-04-14, 10:57 PM)JonP Wrote: [ -> ]I knew something was wrong, when i couldn't get on here.
Yeah, just glad it got fixedToungue
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