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I have to say people are building amazing forum designs, kudos to MyBB fans!

Since everybody else seems to be doing it, here's my first MyBB forum, available at this address:

If you're in British Columbia and you're into jobs, you're free to join!
Honestly, it really needs work to look more unique ... right now it looks really rushed and thrown together.

I'm in BC and could use a job, though. Big Grin
Thanks for your observation — I'm going through the forums, here and elsewhere, to learn how to customize the looks of the forum.

I hope to make it more visually appealing, over time!
I'm getting a tad more confortable with MyBB and boy, is this ever a solid forum engine. It's like poetry, but with PHP and MySQL code ; )


At first, I directed both "" and "" to the exact same place which, when any link was clicked in the forum, was instantly transformed into the later, being "", the OFFICIAL forum address, as specified in the MyBB script's preferences.


There was a major login problem with this "mixed domain names" approach and it had everything to with messed up cookies (at least, on Firefox).

I'm pretty sure it's the script that was unable to let a "" member login on the very first page, which happened (at first) to be "".

So, I completely differentiated the homepages for "" which has the feel of a landing page and "" which is the MyBB homepage.

I realize this is all newbie stuff but for some other newbies, it might be considered useful. Again, thanks to the guru-level coders who make MyBB so great.