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Full Version: Redesigned Tutorials Site
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I just redesigned the whole main site, would love to know what everyone else thinks..

While you're there, check out a few tutorials Smile

Nice template, a little too cluttered though. Forum isn't working.
not too much activity as of late in the forum i know, but I hope it picks up. I am still trying some things out with my new template, so suggestions on how to go about it would be nice too!
Kind of annoying the layout isn't centered..
hmm.. looks fine to me.. which browser are you using?
It's not centered for me in Firefox.
Yeh, layout is centered for me...

Love the forum header.
It's not centred for me either, I use FF.
Oh!! I see what you mean guys, thanks for the screenshot, splappy Smile

I will see what I can do about this.

Thanks Mr. Skull Smile
Could you guys check and let me know if the centered problem has been fixed on your end?

I have fixed the issue, need confirmation Smile