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Full Version: Lorddonk Creations
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I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my new site:

The website is running through Drupal, hit the 'forums' tab to visit the forums (MyBB of course!). I designed the theme (rather quickly) to make it look as close as possible to the main site.

Let me know what you think! This site is just a personal site. It is mainly to house everything that I do in one place so its easy to find everything in one place, a place for me to blog and somewhere to put up my portfolio and resume online when I finish them. (You can get all my created MyBB Themes there, too. Just check the 'downloads' tab.)

I'd love feedback on the site/forums as well as any other comments you may have! Thanks!
The forums seem kinda empty, with only two places to post. Or is this only because I am unregistered? Smile

The theme is nice though. Smile
You've got a floating problem in the image in the news blocks. The maplestory characte.
@BMR777 The forum is really empty, actually. Unless someone has technical issues with something I put out there, there isn't really any reason to post there, I guess.

I'm trying to find a working Theme Selector plugin, then I can make it into a test board for my MyBB themes.

@hamster I think you might have visited just as I was messing with the post layout. But just in case, can you tell me what browser/version you were using when you visited?

Thanks for the comments!