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Full Version: Custom Profil Fields In PostBit
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Hi All
I Need You''re Help In Custom Profile Fields
I Wan't To Make Them Show In PostBit
and How Can I use Pics ?
i tried With html didn't work
and with bbcode didnt work
how to make it
Best Regards
What do you mean by 'show pics'?? Do you mean next to the profile field in the postbit?? BB Code won't work in templates, what HTML did you put in??
just a sec
one by one
in admincp->profile fields
i wana use images not text
i used
<img href="man.gif">
i think

and in showthread (postbit exatly)
i wanna show that field
how to do this all?
Best Regards
This is how to add custom profile fields to the postbit:

But your HTML is wrong, should be this:

<img src="man.gif" alt="Man" />
yeh thanks
but the image doesnt show up

"Gender: Undisclosed"

how to make it i tried evrything
oooo i tried
<img src="" alt="Man" />
but it cames like this
"<img src="" alt="Man" />"
how to make it ?
Best Regards
any news ?
hello! i neeed some help here pleeeeaassse
Hmm. Try:
<img src="">

Do you have the "PHP and Template Conditionals" plugin?
(2009-04-27, 11:54 PM)BitzDefender Wrote: [ -> ]Do you have the "PHP and Template Conditionals" plugin?

Hello Bitz. There is nothing need of this plugin as far as adding a picture in Postbit is concern
I want to add the number of threads a user has started to the postbit.

That needs a plugin, there's one around somewhere.
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