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Full Version: Wow im surprised!
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Ive tried Ibf, vbulletin, phpbb, and alot of others and im an very very impressed with myBB...very easy to use, very customizable....just need to get the word out im sure you will be a favorite to many...Keep up the good work! Cool
Its my personal favorite too *thumbs up*
me too Big Grin

I been messing with many forum software for years...

this is best one Big Grin

same here. I have invested a vast amount of time from the days of good ole perl driven scripts to every php forum based code known to man and mybb seems to show the most promise for a light but yet advanced forum software. I will continue to support and endorse this community and software for the future.Smile
I have been a phpbb user for years. i have gone off it just recently as it has become annoyingly bugged filled and the programmers dont give a sh*t anymore.

after going threw the pain of searching 4 better bb's..myBB is by far the very best i have stumbled on!

i have just installed myBB and put it to the test. i hope i don't get disappointed, cuz am beginning 2 really like it. Big Grin

Good job goes 2 the developers! u have done a very good job Cool
Beware vBullettin and others, MyBB is coming very strong with a superb community! Smile