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Full Version: PM Template Problems
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Recently I have been changing a few templates on my forums, nothing to serious just some icon changes and such. However I have recently noticed that for some reason when reading a PM the reply buttons are missing at the bottom. This is strange because I have not even touched any of the PM templates. Can anyone help me figure out why this is happening?
So postbit and postbit_classic are default??
I'm not sure, how can I tell?
See if their name is in green in the templates manager in the ACP.
Yes they are both green.
Then that means they aren't default which means you may have removed the code for the reply buttons, click Options next to the template names, and view a diff report - see what is highlighted in red.
Oh I see now. I was missing {$post['button_reply_pm']}{$post['button_replyall_pm']}{$post['button_forward_pm']}{$post['button_delete_pm']}. Thanks for your help.