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Full Version: location of {$rating}
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does anyone know where {$rating} is located ?
{$rating} of what ?
In what template did you see it ? {$rating} is probably used in forumdisplay / showthread / ...
What I'm trying to do is to move the rating where it shows in the attachment , but when I do that it just mess up the template. you can see that authors name of the moved thread is somewhere on top and not in the thread list . How can I fix that ?
if u can tell me which skin u are using i will inform u
(2009-05-03, 09:13 AM)alirex Wrote: [ -> ]if u can tell me which skin u are using i will inform u
If only I could, it is like a combination of few themes Wink
Seemingly, you have the ratingcol variable missing from forumdisplay_threadlist template

Find the line:
<td class="tcat" align="center" width="7%"><span class="smalltext"><strong><a href="{$sorturl}&amp;sortby=views&amp;order=desc">{$lang->views}</a> {$orderarrow['views']}</strong></span></td>
And add {$ratingcol} below it.
Moved to Template discussions.
{$ratingcol} is there .
Alll I want is to basically make it look like VB. Their rating is right under attachment icon