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Full Version: Adsense Ads. on Forumdisplay > is this true?
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I installed this plugin, and then I put my pub no. on it. I set my adsense to show only image ads and what's displaying in the forum display is a text ad from adsense with gray background.

Does the owner do this for us to display his adsense and to make us look stupid?
That's what the plugin adds, a text ad with a grey background. It's registered with your publisher number so you should still get the money from the clicks.
Matt are you sure with this one? Because I want an image ad instead of a text ad..
Yes, that's what it adds. If you don't want it to show that, use a different plugin, or add the code Google gives you to the templates manually.
Where will I put the code that google gave me? On the box where it asked me to put the pub no.?
Like Matt said, the code has to be put into the forumdisplay templates.
oops sorry sayakb..

I'm in the forum display template now.. hmm where exactly there? I expand it.
Actually, depends on where you want. Assuming it is plain html:

Your theme templates > Forum Display > forumdisplay
Putting it below {$header} should add it below the navigation (the Your Website / Forum Name / Thread Name links)
Hmm ok I'll try it now
Hello , i am looking on forumdisplay , to every category / sub category to add a different banner ... I want to personalize every forum