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Finally, I must admit, I've betrayed MyBBDesign in the last few months due to coursework, GCSE's coming up very soon and things in real life effecting my time online, however I'm sure you can understand that.

I still feel MyBBDesign is one of the most quickest established and well recognised theme forums around MyBB there is to date and with other 200 members and over 1000 downloads around 4 different forums, there is quite a lot to cheer about! Not to mention that the MyBB Community seems to enjoy the themes due to the themes being easy to customise and edit.

I've completed all updates that where meant to be done over 2 months ago, re-uploaded all attachments and previews for themes but it doesn't end there.

MyBBDesign will be getting a fresh default theme and more themes will be developed and released to the public over the next coming weeks.
We hope to see you over at MyBBDesign very soon!

Please, read more!

Thanks for your patience,
The MyBBDesign Team!
Can I register there ?? Can I advertise my themes their aswell ??
For sure, you may register and there is a forum specifically for normal member to submit there themes.

Find that forum here: