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I think it would be cool to see good MyBB sites featured here every month or so! With interviews with the creators and information about the sites. I think it would be encouraging to MyBB users to see how you can take this software and make it your own.
Wrong forum. Moved.
(2009-05-13, 10:49 PM)Imad Jomaa Wrote: [ -> ]Wrong forum. Moved.

Ahh, sorry ... I wasn't sure where to put it but this is a better place.
Kind of like the testimonials, right? Just a bit more 'in-depth'?
(2009-05-14, 12:40 AM)Scoutie44 Wrote: [ -> ]Kind of like the testimonials, right? Just a bit more 'in-depth'?

Hmm I'm not sure that's exactly the right way to put it. The articles would be more about the website running MyBB, rather than MyBB itself. Obviously the interviews and articles would relate to MyBB but it's more about showing off how good a website can be using the software.
I would love if this happened! It sounds great!
(2009-05-14, 01:34 AM)Snowman01 Wrote: [ -> ]I would love if this happened! It sounds great!

I agree... really good idea! Not sure how feasible it is to add it in but I like it... Smile
I'd quite like to see this happen Smile
Just thought I would give this thread a bump because I'd been thinking of it lately.

The more stuff gets posted in the Showcase forum, the more disillusioned I get ... perhaps its a consequence of the software being free but it seems almost none of the projects using MyBB are serious or developed. This, in turn, is going to give the negative impression of MyBB as being used only by newbie, unsuccessful sites. I know if I was a new user browsing through the Showcase forum, that would be the impression I would get.

MyBB should be doing what it can to draw attention to the fact that it's capable of great things and that great sites can be built using MyBB. Not only that, it would help strengthen the bond between MyBB the product, and its users.
The software has nothing to do with success or not in terms of the users. It's the site topic, how its marketed, etc. A software can be the best in the world, but the person who has it doesn't know how to utilize it.

You have an interesting idea nonetheless.
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