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Full Version: User Group Legends
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(2009-05-24, 07:37 PM)MattRogowski Wrote: [ -> ]Toungue

Thanks. Toungue

How the heck did i miss that? Blush

Granted i would have never thought of using those search terms ( username style ) to look for this puppy.
In This Plugin There is no error i mean just upload, activate and enjoy
unable to prevent some groups from showing.. like i dont want the guests, banned users to show i added them in the settings page..


Still it shows
You need to use the ID of he group.

how do i find the id?? i went to groups and users tab in admin panel and i dont see the id there
It's at the end of the URL when you edit the group in the ACP.
ok cool that did it.. and one more doubt .. its off the topic.. how to change the color of the user group? sorry if am askin too many newbie questions.. been using this only for one day now.. mayb il figure out more in the coming days..

ok never mind got it Smile
When you're editing the group, scroll down a little bit, and you'll see an option called Username Style; use HTML to format the name, you need to keep {username} there.
yup got it.. nice.. i think one of the best support teams i ve ever seen after a looong time.. nice work.. Smile
yes mybb team is a good team thats why i am using mybb and also i transfor a another forum from vbulletin to mybb because here u can make a plugin because i know php but for vbulletin it requires xml also
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