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Full Version: Theme: Blau/Grün/Rot/Grau
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I have create new themes for MyBB. The themes are in blue, green, red and gray available. Please wait for buttons. I will make this with HTML and CSS. Smile

On this page you can view the themes live. If you will download the theme, you can do this here: Big Grin
They are very basic but effective and sleek. Good work.
Yes nice job.
These could be even better themes, if you put effort into the images instead of using the defaults.
Great themes!

I love how simple they are! The colour schemes used are easy on the eyes and blend in very well. The only thing I would say is change the MyBB Default buttons. Create or even Hue the buttons so they at least blend in with the theme and also add some uniqueness to the theme.

Keep up the good work Smile
@ all: Thanks. Big Grin

I said that I make the buttons with CSS and HTML. Smile

(I hope that the indirect speech are right, because I learn this in english at the moment. I'm a German ^^)
Can I use this template for adult content forum?
Thanks in advance.
(2010-04-22, 05:58 PM)allof Wrote: [ -> ]Can I use this template for adult content forum?
Thanks in advance.

I don't see why not.
They are nice Wink,
May I ask, What script are you using for your site?. Or is it custom?.
I dont know if it just me.. Why I only see an ad of muscle building and nothing else?
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