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Full Version: Would it be possible to.... (this is really only relevant to the admins)
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My name is obviously Tim and the closest user name i could get here was _Tim however the user who does have the user name Tim has never made any posts and has not visited since 2006. (His profile is here: ).

I know it is a big ask but would it be possible to delete his account and change my user name to Tim? I understand that you will probabbly have to ask him first.

Cheers, Tim.
Interesting question by the way Smile
First come - first served
(2009-05-31, 09:55 PM)No0oB Wrote: [ -> ]lol
First come - first served

I agree Toungue

But since he never has done anything.....

instead of deleting, just rename or merge accounts Toungue
Bump... Is that a no? No one has replied and i did even PM an admin.
Most people are just coming out of the weekend now, give it a little more time. Smile

Also, who did you PM?
I PMd Dennis.
I'm inclined not to fulfill this request, because once we start doing this there's no telling where it'll end. Tim hasn't been here for over three years, but what will we do if someone wants a username that's been taken by someone whose last visit was just over a year ago, or less? If you ask me, changing a username into something that's not taken yet is fine, but this isn't Smile
Thanks for the response Tochjo, I have spoken to Dennis and he said if i contact the person and arrange it myself to change his username then change mine that would be Ok. So i have tried, no response from the guy yet.... (i am not to hopeful but oh well, i tried.)