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Full Version: [RELEASE] Steven's Direct Plugin Upload
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As with many other forum software packages, you can upload plugins and modifications directly from the administration panel. With MyBB, you must upload the plugin and modifications via FTP. This can become a hassle, especially if you are constantly uploading new plugins. This thread posted on the MyBB Community Forums inspired me to write this plugin.

Steven's Direct Plugin Upload adds an upload form to the Plugin management page in the MyBB administration panel. This form will upload a PHP file straight to the <forumroot>/inc/plugins directory. You can then immediately activate the plugin. Success and failure messages are displayed, giving you instant feedback on if something went wrong.

Installation instructions are in the readme.

  • An easy-to-use upload form displayed on the Plugin management page in the admin panel
  • Uploads any PHP file directly to the <forumroot>/inc/plugins directory
  • Eliminates the need to use FTP to upload a plugin

Screenshot #1
[Image: screen1.png]

Screenshot #2
[Image: screen2.png]

Also, if you find this plugin helpful in any way, please consider making a donation. I have to pay for hosting and development costs. Smile A donation is a godsend for a broke student paying for hosting and scripting in his free time. Smile Thanks!
[Image: btn_donate_SM.gif]

Thank you! Wink
Thanks steven that you fulfill my request,
I also suggest you to make a removal link just besides the plugin uploader button, as If any plugin make some thing wrong to the Plugin Manager (e.g. Parse Error) then we will immgiately remove from their Smile

You mean like a dropdown with all the plugin files currently installed? Then you can choose to delete it?
Yes. Exactly, Just because to vanishing the erros as soon as it came
Very good idea, I will work on it for the next release. Smile
Thanks for this man =)
This only works for the inc/plugins files or what? What if the plugin has lang files?
(2009-06-01, 04:44 PM)faviouz Wrote: [ -> ]This only works for the inc/plugins files or what? What if the plugin has lang files?

Not every plugin comes with lang, just most of the good ones =D