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Full Version: Tritec Slick Edition
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Tritec Centre Slick Edition.

The TCSE provides some services and features including:

Plugins for MyBB
Free Domain Competitions (Monthly)
Graphic Design services

The forum main genre is about geo-politics and and youth!

Uhmms specifically this forum is for fun Angel

funny here is the link - ( I forgot lol)
pssssst: *whisper* "Link" Toungue
0.o Why hold a free TLD competition when your site isn't...?
Its like this:

I got reasons Smile

first: I want
second: I am not interested with tld
third: My site is not interested too for marketing whatsoever is it.
fourth: my co-admin is the one who will sponsor the competition Smile

that's why my site hold Big Grin

Peace Angel