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Full Version: Premerge Questions
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I'm planning on merging a large XMB forums for a friend to MyBB. First, does the merge system modify the XMB database in any way? Basically, I'd like to try the process and want to make sure it won't mess up the XMB forums in anyway if I fail.

Secondly, does the merge work at all with XMB 1.8? I'm not sure what version my friend is running. Also, his board is quite heavily modded. Will these plugins affect the merge? I assume the plugins won't carry over right?

This next question is a general MyBB question. How server intensive is MyBB? Is it much better than XMB? The reason I ask is because I'm trying to find something effecient since my friend's board has 8000 visitors per day and it's taking a toll on the server so I'm trying to find a way to reduce it (by switching to MyBB). I hope I am right in assuming this will significantly help.

I appreciate any help and thank you in advanced.