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This a forum just to talk about what goes on the third planet (earth) You can talk about almost anything! It's suppose to be relaxing and pleasing.

- Pingo
Nice forum, but too many sections for a new forum.
Oh. Well then, I'll see what I can do to reduce the number of forums Wink

- Pingo
simulation credit

Thanks for sharing. It's great.
Logo is too wide... !
I'd suggest an image of the planet somewhere in the logo Smile
(06-09-2009, 08:15 AM)ghazal Wrote: [ -> ]Logo is too wide... !

If you're still using that 800x600 resolution of course it'll look wide.

The topics seem too broad, you've got news, website stuff, and general stuff, and from past experience, forums that have loads of topics like this rarely go very far. A forum I go on used to be focused on one thing and is now becoming more broad, the only reason that's staying active is because of the member base already there, if it was a new forum with the range of topics it has, it wouldn't be anywhere near as popular.
Like kan3 already said there are too much forums. Just start with at least 5 forums.
Alright, well I removed some of the sections so it's a bit smaller.