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Full Version: Small typo?
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In class.core.php

line 134

$protected = array("_GET", "_POST", "_SERVER", "_COOKIE", "_FILES", "_SERVER", "_ENV", "GLOBALS");

should be

$protected = array("_GET", "_POST", "_SERVER", "_COOKIE", "_FILES", "_ENV", "GLOBALS");

Why shouldn't _SERVER be protected? It's not human input.
(2009-06-10, 07:33 AM)CraKteR Wrote: [ -> ]Why shouldn't _SERVER be protected?

It's listed twice in the list...?
Ah sorry I gotta be tired.
(2009-06-10, 07:42 AM)CraKteR Wrote: [ -> ]Ah sorry I gotta be tired.

Me too - I had to double check... Toungue
LOL you better be off to bed then Wink any whys it it meant to be in there two times as i do not think so that's why i posted it here.
Woah haha I didn't see it the first time I read it too. Oh well, it's minor and it's only a few extra bytes of data.
This is a redundant fix because it actually doesn't cause any bugs. It should be modified for MyBB 1.6, but not MyBB 1.4.7. I don't want to touch code in class_core.php, past the version number, if we don't have to.