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GO2: <snip>
Gunbound Community Heart
Hmm, takes of MyBB copyright and posts your site here.
Takes of theme copyright and posts your site here.
Oh, and you stole Bey Brad's postbit, did you get permission?
You've got guts...I'm surprised nobody's sent a C&D yet..
Yeah, either put the copyright back in or the link will be edited out by a mod.

@ Infranight: What's a postbit?

Edit: I hope you know that those adsense ads are messing up your forum....
If I remember correctly, Brad posted the template data for his postbit. And yeah, you need to add the MyBB copyright to show your site off here.
I think this forum was already disaproved on a thread before....
You don't have the MyBB copyright. Thread closed and URL snipped.